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Profile of the Laboratory

Our laboratory was one medical of the first private laboratories in the country. It is located in the city center of Rose-Hill at 3, Inkerman Street and has been operational for the last four decades.

The founder, Dr C.S. Senevrayar, completed his full training as a doctor and worked as a consultant pathologist in the United Kingdom. He is also well known in Mauritius for his expertise in pathology.

He set up this laboratory to provide a reliable and efficient service that was required in the private sector as far as pathological laboratory service was concerned.

The aim was to help in screening and diagnosing Mauritians for a wide range of diseases, from common conditions like diabetes through to complex diseases like cancers with the objective of improving the quality of health.

Over the years we were able to evolve in line with the new development in medical diagnostics. In following his footsteps, we have endeavored to keep up our standard of care, giving a friendly one to one service to each individual coming to us. Our advice to them has always been guided by a holistic approach for their ultimate wellbeing.

Our job is a complex field embracing a number of different disciplines such as:

  • 1. Microbiology
  • 2. Hematology
  • 3. Clinical Chemistry
  • 4. Urinalysis
  • 5. Immunology
  • 6. Serology
  • 7. Histopathology

Our mission is to improve our range of services and extend the delivery of this service for the benefits of our patients


We have a strong track record for reliability in our field of practice with a culture of proximity and professional relationship with our valued clients, offering them ongoing support on their health issues.


Our dedicated team of doctors including clinician and pathologist advise on the need and relevance of tests conducted in the laboratory. Together with our laboratory technicians, the administrative staff ensures quality service to our customers.


We have licenses from relevant authorities and the Ministry of Health to operate as a private Medical Laboratory

In our commitment to ensure quality assurance, we carry out Internal as well as External quality controls on tests on a regular basis.


We have a conducive environment for learning and encourage our staff to improve performance. Training can be provided to laboratory assistants.


We have project management capability to innovate and expand our services, whereby clients and partners benefit from a competent and multidisciplinary team whose objective is to deliver value